Our Approach

HeyWhatEver is an ALL Positives INFORMATION Network SUPERPORTAL that PROMOTES Websites... Announcements... Ideas... Products... Services... Issues.

Our Story

YOUR SHORTCUT TO WHATEVER: HeyWhatEver is Truly a Unique Digital Destination that boasts itself as a friend to everyone. "Surfer and Vendor" alike. HeyWhatEver is a Network of many Networks... including SOCIAL, BIZ, INFO, SEARCH, TV, RADIO, Technical, Financial, Real Journalistic NEWS, Positive Professional Personal Development PPPD, & Non-Profits!
The HeyWhatEver Concept has evolved, as the Internet has grown to its current state of maturity. We choose to be a compliment to all sites in an effort to simplify the surfers web experience. To help this overwhelming "Information SuperHighway" have some Road Signs!
HeyWhatEver is a "Directory of Directories"... “Portal of Portals”... “Blog of Blogs”... “Website of Websites”... the "Ultimate Master Link to WhatEver" !!

Meet the Team

Here are the humans behind HeyWhatEver

08-19-2017 COH ROCK

ROCK Reiss

Founder & CEO

Founded HeyWhatEver in 1999.

08-19-2017 COH SAND

SAND Reiss



Scott "SCRIBE" Pratt

Head of The MESSAGE MASTERS Creative Writing TEAM

Next Steps...

Please contact one of our representatives today at 1-877-HEY-WHAT